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10 free services for marketing project management. Part 1

Published 25/01/2017
10 free services for marketing project management. Part 1

The more people work on a single task, the harder it is to control them and provide an appropriate communication level. But as the saying goes, nothing is impossible. It is a job manager that can help in this case: it is a service automating a considerable part of organizational aspects. We offer you the first part of selected software. Each of them has its own pros and cons.


10 free services for marketing project management. Part 1   - 1

Fast, easy, reliable: sounds like an advertising slogan but it is true. This software is equally efficient for both workflow and personal performance increase. Trello interface includes the system of user-friendly tabs, boards, lists, and cards. It can be synchronized with other services if necessary. Software supports up to 30 tools, including Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote and others.


• the system of boards, lists, and cards. If there are few of them, Trello is priceless. But if the amount of all these elements increase (and it is as sure as fate when working with major projects), you will have to get stressed in order to puzzle out your own Pan's Labyrinth;

• Gantt chart is absent.


Quite well-known software. It provides users with great opportunities besides its direct functions and task editing. For instance, Bitrix24 allows to organize chats and make calls, store files in the cloud storage, looking at the Gantt chart. It can be also integrated with other Bitrix products.


• complex interface, it requires time to adjust the whole set of functions;

• slow technical support;

inconvenient implementation of the buzz tool: it takes too much place, sometimes interfering with work.


10 free services for marketing project management. Part 1   - 2

The feature of this software is a seamless multilayer structure, allowing to organize conveniently work with the most difficult projects. For example, you can divide tasks into subtopics, the so-called sections. This option will allow an author to see what is going on in each section without switching to them. Completed tasks can be put into the archive. There is also a possibility to like and comment content as well as to set deadlines and tags. And do not forget about the integration with Dropbox and Google Drive: it is present here and functions well.


• Gantt chart is absent;

• Russian version is absent;

• full-fledged messenger is absent.


It is an online service. Design is similar to Asana menu. But tasks here are grouped into folders and projects; you can also set deadlines and create a separate working area for each department. When editing obtained files, you do need to download them on a computer and then repeatedly add to software; an updated document version will automatically appear in Wrike. Software can be connected to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Zapier. It also includes 2 Gb cloud storage.


• all Wrike advantages are available only after purchasing the pay version;

• offline mode is absent.

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