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6 facts about Facebook advertising that you might not know

Published 19/01/2017
6 facts about Facebook advertising that you might not know

Facebook provides enormous opportunities to promote your own business on the Internet. Moreover, this platform does not stand still, constantly increasing its already considerable range of advertising tools. It's all well, but, from the other hand, one can easily get lost and miss significant details among such variety of offers. To change the situation, let’s review this article, revealing several aspects regarding Facebook advertising.

Season determines everything

price of ad views on Facebook is determined by a range of various factors. One of the most significant aspects is the amount of accounts focusing on the same audience. The more accounts we have, the more expensive advertising will be. Therefore, the cost per click is so high-priced on New Year, St. Valentine’s Day and other significate dates.

Dialogues can be promoted

an option has been long available on Facebook, but it is used rarely. Promotion of dialogues appears to be the most efficient in customer support services, for instance within increasing website traffic. It is important to remember that dialogue conversion works best with users who have already attended your website and just want to obtain additional information before purchasing.

Too much text, too little sense

refers to the text volume on banners. There's no point in creating enormous amount of texts on adverting images: no one reads them, besides they are more expensive. Posts with lesser amount of words or even wordless are more in-demand on Facebook.

Targeting on similar users always works…

other words, this Facebook feature is always active. This option will make people corresponding to the specified target audience see your ads. And it will allow to increase conversion at low CPA and enhance brand recognition.

… but the same CPC does not work

per click on Facebook change depending on the market situation. As the result, yesterday's strategy appeared to be successful could be epic fail tomorrow. It means that you should always monitor CPC, correcting them if necessary.

Video advertising does not bring serious feedback

video advertising helps to get across information efficiently. But, at the same time, video clips engage users, making them stay on the page, examining comments of other people and leaving their own one, instead of following other resources. All of this will trigger a fast growth of the cost per impression.

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