“No way!” or top 10 topics of discussion at Digital Monkey | Digital Monkey

“No way!” or top 10 topics of discussion at Digital Monkey

Published 24/11/2015
 “No way!” or top 10 topics of discussion at Digital Monkey

On December 11, you will be able to enjoy presentations of experienced speakers, highly topical program, exclusive cocktail party and many other activities at the most rocking crowd – Digital Monkey 2015 – in Kiev. Digital Monkey 2015 has prepared the most relevant topics, charismatic speakers, case studies and even more things for you.         

What will be discussed? Note:

  • Does your business require agile marketing?
  • Material design – what is it?  
  • The latest video trends based on several websites
  • What should be remembered while sending advertising letters?
  • Major trends of future social media
  • How to promote your own brand under the post advertising age?  

Special attention should be paid to the discussion platform where invited experts will share their thoughts on the topic: How to make teams of “creators” and “sellers” cooperate more efficiently.      

Special event guests will include experienced representatives of the digital sector who have prepared presentations on relevant industry issues for guests of Digital Monkey 2015:     

  • Tuning of your advertising in AdWords 
  • Results of 2015. Trends of 2016
  • Digital etiquette: promotion without obtrusiveness 
  • Technology of successful project implementation
  • Client service in the CIS countries: special features and opportunities
  • Make your place in the world, or who is the opinion leader?  

Party organizers will try to reveal all development aspects of digital marketing in this country. Digital Monkey 2015 is the unique industry event that opens new potential for expanding digital market in Ukraine.    

Come to Digital Monkey 2015 to Fedoriv Hub on December 11.

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