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Viral video making secret is revealed!

Published 21/09/2017
Viral video making secret is revealed!

The Blossom page creates DIY life hack videos for everyday life. Its content targets forward minded housewives with little kids. As a result, videos get almost 400 million views and 12 million reposts, which allowed Blossom account to enter the top 10 viewed pages of Facebook.

Data processing specialists in Blossom test thousands of unique videos and create a system capable of unraveling the viral plot characteristics.

These plots are determined by answering two questions: why do users stop scrolling through their feed to watch this video and then share it?

"The reposting moment comes, if what you’ve seen is either inspiring, or useful, or just really cool," notes the company.

The thumbnail is also important: it is what catches and literally stops the user. For example, the most viral plot on Facebook has a lingerie thumbnail.

And if you want the user not only to slow down the newsfeed scrolling but also share the video, the brand content should not be associated with advertising, but at the same time increase its recognition. To put it simply, users have to feel the value of the story: then they’ll want to share it with their friends.


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