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Recipes of good and efficient advertising

Published 06/05/2016
Recipes of good and efficient advertising

We don’t like when we are taken for an idiot. And don’t like when someone tries to convince us of something unreal. And it is these very features that advertising clip makers do. Let’s find out more reasons why advertising campaigns annoy the audience and how to create advertising that people will like.         

Be less pompous   

Why will people buy you goods? Generally, the purchase is made in order to satisfy daily needs rather than join some high purpose.   

Surely, nobody has cancelled brand importance and philosophy, but when companies get fresh with this game, the results happen to be opposite to all expectations. Highbrow reasoning in beer advertising, demonstration of your outlook on life in soap clip – how many people, besides marketers, will take such enthusiasm seriously?            

The more pompous advertising is and the more instructively it sounds, the more it irritates audience.    

Be realists 

Recipes of good and efficient advertising

While developing a campaign, many advertisers and marketers somehow expect unreal behavior from real people: that users will share branded content, post something with special hashtags, create personal content dedicated to this or that good.  

Such a possibility can’t be excluded at all, but do not hope that it refers to your product. Despite advertising makers’ assurance, a majority of people is not going to enter into a dialogue with brand: they frequently focus on their own more interesting business.    

Surprise, amuse and provoke 

Thus you will have more chances to be noticed. Certainly, being interesting is not the overall goal of advertising: a clip should be remembered in order to make your product or brand be kept in audience’s mind, to make them special.     

As far as the amount of advertising that people see every day is constantly increasing, we are gradually learning how to eliminate and ignore everything uninteresting. Thus, making unique advertising campaign is no more a matter of choice but a commercial necessity.        

Speak simpler

Synergy, media neutral, storytelling, credit leveraging, 24/7 real time – marketers should forget all these words, familiar in professional field, when addressing a common audience.     

The problem is not only one of availability but also of confidence: fine compound words often contain emptiness. Therefore, business community and final consumers pay less and less attention to marketer’s pompous phrases. Do you want to convince people of relevance of your goods and services? Describe them as simply as possible.     

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