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Goodbye text, hello video

Published 16/08/2017
Goodbye text, hello video

International venture agency KPCB came to the conclusion that at the end of this year, 75% of all Internet traffic will be occupied by video content. What should marketers do in this situation?

Video has the victory

The video literally filled the Internet. And the independent generators are the users themselves (according to comScore, 83% of the total video streams number).

Adweek reports that on average a person spends 3 hours and 24 minutes a day watching videos. Reading is knocked out.

Video content beats text for two reasons:

  1. The human brain processes video footage 60,000 times faster than symbols.
  2. The video clearly shows you absolutely everything. A person does not have to use other parts of the brain responsible for picture visualization, sounds, sensation. Overall, imagination is relaxed, and the impression is not weaker (and sometimes even stronger) than from reading.

What should marketers do?

Obviously, marketing people will have to put a lot of work in to create a good video. A Viral video, a video that came out in the right place at the right time. Here are the five criteria that it has to meet (or at least a couple of them):

  1. Conciseness. If you do not grab audience interest in 4 seconds, your little clip will get lost in the sea of content.
  2. Emotionality. The video should make people feel something.

  1. Relevance. Everything has its time and place, especially if you connect the ad to some hot newsbreak.
  2. Informativeness. Video is Latin for “I see”. Create the clearest video possible, preferably without any words at all. Then you have a chance to attract foreign audience.
  3. Usefulness or pain. That’s right. Your video should either teach, or touch something in a person, or even both.

However, not every popular video becomes viral. At least, if you don’t spend some money on advertising. You need the widest cover possible? Then shoot and promote the video. Yes, more time. Yes, more money. But success is guaranteed.

Remember that 4 out of 5 users will watch a video about the advertised product and not read about it. So shoot your product from the best angles and don’t try to save money on designers, copywriters and equipment.


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