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Satisfy your hunger for creativity!

Published 14/11/2016
Satisfy your hunger for creativity!

On the menu of creative ideas – exclusive cases, expert Tabasco-spiced opinion. It will be hot! Chef Master Maksim Fedorov is preparing an unusual “delicacy” for you, which facilitates the brain activity and activates chakras responsible for imagination and fancy.

New cases – steaming hot, so to say – will be delivered to our conference, but they are still being prepared now, therefore follow the updates: the topic of the presentation from Hungry Boys’ expert will be announced soon.

Award of Michelin digital stars, the high-end creative cuisine will be featured at DEC place on December 16. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Aftertaste, just as the participation in the conference and party Digital Monkey 2016, will be unforgettable!

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