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What is the difference between UX and UI design?

Published 25/11/2016
What is the difference between UX and UI design?

The main thing of the website is not just a nice image or usability but both of them. It should be convenient for users to feed data or seek information; otherwise they can give out and leave the website. However, visual content should also create a pleasant impression. Actually, correct implementation of these two aspects increases conversion.                

What are UX and UI responsible for? These two notions are closely related with each other, and UI is commonly a part of UX where UX stands for user experience and UI for user interface.        

And what is the difference between UX and UI design and which one is more important? 

UX design

User experience means feelings and emotions obtained while using a website as well as the assessment of simplicity, usefulness, and efficiency, based on which the resource structure is corrected. Certainly, these criteria are subjective, because each user may perceive the same design element in a different way.          

UX designers start their work with determining the website group. Moreover, one should take into account a lot of small details: where average visitors live, what device they use to enter the resource, how they prefer to look for the data on the website, what sections they visit most commonly and with what purpose, etc.            

UX design is an inconstant notion. It cannot be chosen once and forever. Occasionally, conducting the analysis, one can catch on specific trends, for instance, more frequent or rarer use of a certain website tool. Considering them, corrections are implemented into the resource structure.        

UI design is created based on these data. 

UI design

UI design, or graphics interface, provides comfortable, easy, intuitive user interaction with the product. It is the first thing users see, entering the website, and the one that makes the first impression of your company and products.      

Theoretically, the interface should be such that users obtain necessary information quickly with paying minimum efforts, and the website provides as less needless data as possible.      

UI design includes the art style of various graphical elements (menu, badges, text and so on).  

There are the following rules of planning UI design:  

  • Logically related elements should be combined into groups.   
  • All elements should be structured according to the selected plan.  
  • Interface should be cleared.  
  • All elements are made in a single style.
  • The website should not be overloaded with elements. Leave some space between blocks.     


UX and UI are worked together to achieve a common goal: user’s interest to the product or services. There are websites with a simple interface, but at the same time very convenient, and, vice versa, websites with the beautiful unique style but absolutely poorly adapted for use.       

One of the latest positive trends in this field is the creation of such UI design, so that UX will be simpler and more convenient, or in other words, the website design should improve its usability.   

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