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How to Reach the Internet User: Digital Monkey 2015 Results

On December 11, Kyiv hosted Digital Monkey, a conference & party where young online marketers from Ukraine and Russia discussed how to get closer to the Internet users. They have found out why the aggressive marketing and banners do not work anymore, what VKontakte users want, and how to offer advertising and not to irritate anyone. Let's summarize what we have learned from the speakers' reports.  

Natalia Yakunina, head of the Ukrainian office of VKontakte

Core audience of VKontakte in Ukraine is people from 25 to 34 years old;
The majority of Ukrainian users of VKontakte (5.8 million) have enough money only for food and clothing;
41% of users use VK on their desktops, 39% - on their mobile phones, 20% use both devices;
2.8 million of VK users are office experts, 2.1 million - managers, 1.8 million - students, 1.5 million - housewives, 1.5 million - workers, 1 million  - employees of state enterprises;
 VKontakte targets its audience under 20 categories;
VK users eagerly participate in surveys but poorly react to requests concerning comments;
Test advertising more and learn your target audience because the advertising will not work without these actions.

Maxim Fedorov, director of SMM department at Hungry Boys

VK users are becoming aggressive and openly express their dissatisfaction with advertising;
SMM market is oversaturated: the news quality is now more important than their quantity;
Newsworthy events work better than a content plan;
Content goes on the air;
Users get bored - they want to participate in the action instead of reading texts;
Users will gladly show themselves (selfies, videos);
Digital does not exist without TV, but rather complements it.

Nikolay Guguli, Marketing director at IT Education Academy

Everyone is fed up with obsessive marketing;
Generate your own content;
Do not lie to users;
Do not abuse with cross posting;
Less hashtags;
Do not add more than 3-4 social networks buttons on the page.

Evgeniy Kudryavchenko, director of Vintage Web Production

There are no sales without a qualitative web-site;
The user should love you at first glance: see - like - sell;
Surprise users, for example, create short videos that accompany their actions (for example: a user has made a purchase - show a video demonstrating happiness of managers);
Simplify everything that is possible, and do not confuse the client.

Inna Nasadyuk, Account director at Prodigy Russia

There is nothing worse than ignorance - keep the client informed of everything that happens with their projects;
Do more for the client than it is necessary (give them bonuses);
Clients are divided into the following types: "wants to know everything" (requires a lot of attention), "does not understand" (grandpa without a smartphone), "confident that he/she knows everything" (teaches you and is not satisfied with the result); "greedy" (begs bonuses and cannot pay); "dreamer" (with his/her head in the clouds and is prone to narcissism); "assistant" (tries to help - the best type of client); "middle link" (does not make decisions).

Sofia Selskaya, Head of Business development at All Simple

Banners do not work - they overload the user;
People have learned to ignore the media advertising;
1,5 mln Ukrainians are using AdBlock;
You can only draw the attention by the content;
Users are willing to share the native advertising;
Advertising should look like a story.

Vsevolod Zhovtenko, team-leader of Contextual advertising department at Olshansky and Partners

In case of location targeting in Adwords, do not leave anything that Google provides by default;
Carefully choose the audience: if you need Kiev - peel apart everything except Kiev;
Analyze the conversion at different times of the day;
Create a mobile version of the website - the cost will be paid back within a month.

Svetlana Lobanova, creative director at Smartica / Skykillers

45% of the winners of the last Cannes Lions Cyber are social projects;
Only those products are popular that solve customer problems.

Svyatoslav Stepanenko, head of the PPC department at

38% of people search for products online, and buy them offline.


The hackathon, a marketers competition aimed at marketing strategies development, took place simultaneously with the performances of the speakers in the hall. Two teams were participating. The first one was given a task to develop a portal for tourism in Ukraine, which could attract travellers from the US, UK and Korea. The second one was set a task to highlight the project of the reorganization of the city centre traffic providing for the demolition of outdated panel houses and relocation of car traffic underground.

The team No 1 became a winner. It presented the Ukrainian Beauty portal with a map of Ukraine and video presentations of each region. Now, one of its participants will complete a free training at the consulting agency Olshansky and Partners, and the rest will visit workshops held by the company during the next year.

The conference ended with a cocktail party and electronic music by DJs Vaia and Alex Flander.  


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