Post-release 2016 | Digital Monkey

Post-release 2016

Kyiv hosted Digital Monkey conference: results

It finally took place! On December 16, Kyiv hosted Digital Monkey conference and party, which brought together the keynote specialists in digital marketing.

Despite the fact that any conference is a serious event, Digital Monkey managed to stay away from strict formalities. From the very start, guests and participants could enjoy welcome drinks. Tasty drinks, pleasant lively music, and comfortable informal communication prepared guests for business discussions.  There were many hot topics!

What else could we expect? Seven speakers delivered presentations for the audience of Digital Monkey. All of them represent different digital directions and are real experts with huge experience. Every speaker touched relevant and extremely important issues.

The first to speak was Aleksandra Kazarina, senior specialist of the media department at POSTMEN. The topic of her presentation was “200 million website: selling, monitoring, profiling, automating, and personalizing”. Using the example of her company’s customer, Bukovel tourist complex, she showed how to boost the traffic and sales on the website within a year. For promotion purposes POSTMEN:

The abovementioned steps allowed increasing the number of transactions by 58% and the level of customer’s revenue – by 62%.

Oles Timofeev, businessman and founder of Ukraine’s largest educational project GeniusMarketing, delivered a presentation on the topic “How to obtain Facebook customers 2-3 times cheaper than your competitors”. He described a method of making posts on Facebook according to a special scheme. A publication should include the following components:

A distinctive feature of such an approach is that it initially offers specific content to the user and only afterwards summons to subscribe or make a purchase, not vice versa. According to Oles, the described method allowed attracting 13608 users from the social network onto the website, 600 of them subscribed.

Further, representatives of WIFI BAR Ukraine, Maria Naumenko and Vlad Udovenko, went on the stage.  Their topic: “Wi-Fi marketing: unconventional mechanics, data analytics. Fuckups and successful cases”.

Speakers divided their presentation in two parts. Vlad spoke about subtleties of digital marketing growth in 2017:

Maria continued telling how her company promoted various brands using Wi-Fi marketing technologies.

Kristina Pototskaya, marketing director at TriggMine, made a presentation on the topic “How to make your email marketing to keep up with the times”. She spoke about email marketing trends:

Grigoriy Kochenov, creative director at AGIMA, also talked about technologies of the future, but in the field of web design. The topic of his presentation was “Augmented creative”. Grigoriy highlighted two tools that should completely change the vision of web design soon:

Konstantin Kuznetsov, official representative of Cannes Lions in Ukraine, vice president of marketing at DIALLA Communications group of companies, prepared a presentation on the topic “No-brain and no-innovations advertising. Who will survive?” He marked:

Special guest of Digital Monkey – Diamantis Kitridis, founder and CEO at Citrine Marketing Communication, was the last to speak. The topic of his presentation: “Importance of digital strategy in digital marketing”.  The main theses:


The logical end of the conference was a vibrant party in celebration of the upcoming New Year’s Eve. Guests could enjoy drinks and tasty refreshments as well as exciting contests moderated by a lively master of ceremonies. Winners received pleasant presents from partners of the event – Fornetti, Black Energy, and Bon Boissson.


Digital Monkey brought together a large number of people, leaving everybody with lasting impressions. It became possible thanks to great efforts of partners, sponsors, and participants of the conference. Smile-Expo expresses gratitude to everyone who took part in the organization of the event and helped to make it unforgettable!

We would also like to thank our guests – we were glad to see you all at Digital Monkey. We hope that you will attend our event the next year. See you!

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