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What to love to become a successful Internet marketer?

Published 05/10/2017
What to love to become a successful Internet marketer?

Want to try yourself in Digital Marketing, but don’t know if you’re up to it? Markitors company founder Brett Farmiloe shared what a person who wants to start a digital marketing career should love.

1. Love of writing

Candidates who want to find a good agency should have references to their text works in the resume. For example, writing press releases, SEO materials, blogging, etc.

To improve your writing skills, you have to write often and a lot, despite endless excuses, like there’s no time, inspiration or desire. The most effective way to show yourself is to write a cover letter. Not everyone can do it.

2. Love of numbers

Many digital agencies make all important decisions on the basis of data analysis. The analytics interpreting skill will allow a marketer to optimize announcements in SEO or manage AdWords advertising campaigns.

The first step is getting acquainted with Google Analytics. If you can’t figure out the data analytics yourself, you can take a free Google course.

3. Love of communication

Communication skills and successful Internet marketing career are inseparable things. It has always been and always will be important for the marketer to establish contacts with customers and tell them about company’s tasks and advantages. Those who like to talk and communicate will like working in this industry.

4. Love of creativity

In Internet marketing, you have to constantly talk about a product or a service. And it has to be in a different way every time. Real marketers stand out by being able to see new features in the product, which others do not see.

5. Love of time management

Anyone who works in the digital industry should be able to manage their time. Dozens of letters and notifications come in every day and they need to be answered not at the expense of productivity. It is necessary to determine key tasks and their deadlines every day.


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