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Why Black Hat CEO is not productive anymore

Published 20/02/2017
Why Black Hat CEO is not productive anymore

Perhaps all professional areas have shady methods of operation, based on cheating, violation of copyrights, and other hard-hitting things. They are also common for SEO. There was time when these methods allowed improving the website’s ranking position. However, times change. New search algorithms from Google are to blame.

They have become smarter and it is almost impossible to cheat them today. The search engine has learned to detect almost all Black Hat SEO techniques. It does not respond to them and can even lower the ranking position in search results as well as use other ways of punishing violators. Therefore, it is better to refuse from such methods as soon as possible if you have not done it yet. You’d better focus on the creation of unique content, upgrading UX and design.

Common Black Hat CEO practices

  • Excessive keywords. Once such an approach attracted attention of search engines. Nowadays, the excessive use of keywords speaks about the low quality of content, so search engines ignore it.
  • Copying and pasting. The use of someone else's materials without permission. Today such an approach can lead to conflicts with the law.
  • False offerings. A scammy way of attracting attention, when a user is offered something, which he does not receive. It will only negatively affect your reputation.
  • Hidden text and links. The technique was used earlier to improve the ranking. Today it is not effective.
  • Link building. The practice was very widespread earlier. It implies buying external links or receiving irrelevant links.

Methods of White Head SEO

The main idea is to create interesting and quality content intended for people rather than search engines.

To improve the ranking, one should:

  • Create content valuable for the audience;
  • Optimize content for all types of devices;
  • Develop landing pages, ideally – different pages for different customer categories (depending on their behavior on the website, age, and other factors);
  • Use schema markup.

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